When selling your products or service online you need to be sure you have designed your website with your customer in mind.  Is your website over designed that it is virtually impossible to find your products not to mention purchasing them.

Here are some E-Commerce Tips on how to cut through.


Keep the design simple, clean, and easy to use.  Although very ugly, Ebay and Amazon are so successful because they make it easy to buy.

Make them believe

Your website should have testimonials and reviews. Think about Amazon and Ebay. They are covered in testimonials and reviews.

Guarantee it

If you want people to buy from you then reassure them that if there is the slightest problem then they can expect their money back, or get a replacement.  Take the risk out of the transaction.

E Commerce Tips

How much and when do I get it?

Let you customers know right away how much the products are and how long it will take to deliver it.  Don’t make them search or you will lose the sale.

Keep it Simple Stupid!

In order to clinch that sale you need to make the whole process as simple as possible with only the minimum questions in order to purchase and deliver the goods.

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