Never under estimate the importance of Responsive Website Design in today’s online world.

Mobile users deserve the same quality of Browsing Experience as desktop users and seeing as though more people view and search for websites on a mobile device it is now more important than ever to make sure your website is responsive or optimised for mobile devices. .It’s important to keep your images flexible and workable so they look good on multiple devices otherwise it will drastically increase download times or look awkward.

Get rid of Non-Essential content.  Content overload will slow down load times and lessen mobile users interest. Use the KISS principle as peoples attention span is limited on mobile devices.

Have simple well thought out navigation so users can get what they want quickly.

Don’t make it a challenge for your visitors to get the information they need. Update now to a fully responsive website design and keep your visitors engaged.

Responsive Website Design

How does your website look on a mobile device.  Does the menu work?  Can you navigate easily to the right pages?  Does it size correctly?

80% of Google Searches are done on a mobile device

52% of web users have said that a bad mobile-browsing experience makes them more likely to engage with a company’s competitor.

Failing to optimise your site for mobile phones and tablets is actually driving away your business!
What’s even more shocking is the fact that 78% of mobile users don’t want to click more than once or twice to get where they’re going on their smart phone.

Is your website mobile friendly,  clean, simple and ready for viewing on the go.
Oh yeah, did I mention  over 80% of Google searches are done on a mobile device.
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