The Importance of Video Content on Websites to Drive User Engagement.

The Importance of Video Content – Video content is a critical component of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Not only is video content a powerful tool for developing brand awareness, online trends suggest that video consumption on websites has increased exponentially over the last few years. Indeed, research shows that more than 80% of people have been influenced by video content when it comes to purchasing a product or service.

More importantly, two-thirds of online users prefer to receive content by video compared to written articles, infographics, or even traditional face-to-face sales interactions. Video content on your website promotes user engagement which ultimately translates to greater return on your marketing investment.

Let’s take a closer look.

People Want Video

As stated, research shows that people want to see more video on websites, but video can also be used to engage customers. A well-conceived video with good production qualities allow you to leverage storytelling to build brand awareness and connect more deeply with potential clients. Brand origin stories, for example can demonstrate your company’s beginnings while building an emotional connection with clients. That emotional connection can enhance engagement with a call-to-action or further interaction with your website, company, and brand.

You can even consider how different kinds of videos – teasers, interviews, social media “Stories,” and more can build on each other to promote engagement across platforms. Carefully planned video content creates more opportunities to integrate different aspects of your online marketing strategy which essentially results in improved user engagement.

The Importance of Video

The Importance of Video Content on Websites to Drive User Engagement

Display Your Passion

Video content is also a way to highlight your company personality. Whether you identify as a whimsical or quirky brand that uses videos to engage customers with humour or you take a more serious approach to connecting through shared humanity – videos can showcase your company values and strengthen bonds between your brand and current or prospective clients.

Videos enhance user engagement and reduce bounce rates. At the end of the day, people are drawn to entertaining or informative videos. Video content ensures people spend more time with your website so that you can more easily achieve your unique goals – sales, signups, whatever it may be. Plus, more engaged users translates to improved search engine rankings; the more time people spend at your site, the higher you’ll rank on Google and other search engines.

Generate Sales

You may not know this, but videos are one of the most influential marketing media – more than 80% of people purchase a product, service, or app after watching video content about it. That’s not to say all video content is this successful – but, by-and-large if a user is engaged for the duration of the video it will have a profound influence on their decision to purchase.

Videos deliver the content people want, allow you to share your story and your personality, and generate sales. When it comes to promoting user engagement with your website, no other medium compares. Learn more about how video content can boost user engagement with your website by contacting the 99 Digital team today!

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