The Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Advertising​.

Social media matters. At this point, we’re well into the digital age and the reality of this world is consumers use the internet and social media to discover and connect with all types of businesses. Without a social media presence, it is very difficult for a business to remain competitive in the digital era. Subsequently, it should come as no surprise that advertising businesses, products, or services on Facebook and Instagram is a powerful marketing tool.

The benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising are widespread – from precision targeting and comprehensive analytics to setting your own goals and reaching a broad audience, Facebook and Instagram ads can have a huge impact on your business. Let’s take a closer look.


Facebook and Instagram ads both allow for enhanced targeting. You can pinpoint a variety of audience characteristics including geographic location, interests, demographics, online behaviour, languages, age, and more. One of the fundamental principles of marketing is to know your audience – with the advanced targeting capabilities offered through Facebook and Instagram advertising, you are more likely to reach your target audience which will ultimately improve your return on investment.

Of course, there are differences between Facebook and Instagram ads when it comes to your audience and its demographics. While both platforms allow for highly specified targeting, Facebook generally offers broader reach than Instagram which tends to attract younger users.


No advertising campaign is immune from missteps. Indeed, analyzing your strategy is another core principle of marketing. Using Facebook and Instagram analytics, you can carefully track how your ads are performing and make adjustments so that they perform better – once again improving your return on investment.

Facebook’s Ads Manager gives you all the information you need in an easy-to-navigate layout. Conversion rates, post engagement, page likes, performance, and sales data are just a taste of the metrics provided in their Ads Manager. All you need to do is decide what to do with that information.

Likewise, Instagram allows you to monitor your advertising successes and failures with up-to-the-minute data to inform your marketing strategy. Which ads are the most engaging? Which ads covert into sales and leads? How much are you spending on your ads? All these questions and more are available at your fingertips so your marketing approach can be highly refined for improved performance.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Advertising


Obviously, before you’re ready to advertise, you need to have some specific marketing goals. Facebook and Instagram can help you refine your goals – in fact, Facebook’s Ads Manager (which also manages Instagram ads) requires that you identify your objectives from the start. Functionality for setting objectives is a little more robust for Facebook ads, so it is important to consider which platform may work better for your marketing goals. For example, Instagram is all about images and videos – if your goal is to bring awareness to your business or a new product or service consider how you plan to achieve that goal. Eye-catching images or videos are well-paired with Instagram whereas newsworthy posts or online reviews that draw website clicks work better on Facebook.


Using Facebook and/or Instagram ads can help you expand your reach simply because of the number of users on the platform. Whereas the most popular newspaper or radio station may have a few hundred thousand subscribers, Facebook and Instagram represent an audience of millions. In Canada alone, Facebook has more than 19 million users while Instagram boasts nearly 13 million. Your ability to reach a wider audience via social media is unprecedented. As such, your ability to grow your business and reach new customers with Facebook and Instagram ads is unparalleled.

The time is now. Facebook and Instagram ads are a powerful tool for your business and offer precision targeting, robust analytics, specified goals, and impressive reach.

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