Importance of Newsletters for Boosting Customer Engagement

Through email, social media, and other online marketing platforms, newsletters can be a very powerful tool for engaging your customers. From maintaining regular contact and eliciting feedback or reviews to promotional activities and information-sharing, newsletters are an easy way to connect with current and potential clients in a deeper and more meaningful way. Plus, newsletters are budget-friendly and easy to target so that you build your business and your brand. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons that newsletters are important for boosting customer engagement.

Regular Contact

Company newsletters can be shared easily through a range of channels including email, social media, text message, and even your website. Regularly publishing and disseminating a newsletter allows you to keep your customers up-to-date on interesting news while ensuring that you are never far from your customers minds. Additionally, newsletters can easily be “personalized” based on your target audience which only deepens your bond with your customers. Plus, newsletters can be sent using automated systems which makes maintaining regular contact with customers even easier.

Promote Current Offerings

When it comes to promoting your products and services, newsletters are likewise powerful. While you likely rely on a variety of approaches for promoting your offerings including welcome emails or online advertisements, a newsletter gives you a chance to highlight new or existing offerings with more detail and in more targeted fashion. Ultimately, newsletters will be sent to current or potential customers who sign-up to receive them. In all likelihood, these customers are at least familiar with your company and the products and services you offer – in other words, they likely have some underlying interest in your products or services. In your newsletter you can include “special segments” on new products or services or content that highlights customer favourites.

In other words, your newsletter provides you with an opportunity to promote a wider range of products and services and in greater detail.

Importance of Newsletters for Boosting Customer Engagement

Importance of Newsletters for Boosting Customer Engagement

Offer Incentives

Similarly, a newsletter is a great medium for offering incentives to your customers. Incentives are an attractive approach for boosting customer engagement with your business and products or services. Especially for customers who have become less active either in purchasing from your company or in the amount they interact, incentives can be very motivating for customers. In many cases, you can create newsletter content that combines incentives with the introduction of a new product or service. Newsletters are also a great format for promoting company events where you may offer special discounts or other incentives to your loyal customer base.


Speaking of loyal customers, one other benefit of newsletters for boosting customer engagement is that they offer an opportunity to focus on your customer. Indeed, your newsletter should be customer-focused, not you-focused. In other words, newsletters not only need to reflect the interests and goals of your customers, but they should also reflect your customers’ needs.

For example, newsletters should be concise, catchy, and to-the-point as your readers’ attention is likely being pulled in many directions. The content should also be easy-to-read so it is accessible to all your customers. Newsletters can easily feature user-generated content that reflect your customer focus. Happy customers engaging with your product can be highlighted I your newsletter. You can include answers to customer questions. Or, you can include letters, comments, or quotes provided by your readers.

Reviews and Feedback

Finally, an important form of user-generated content that can be highlighted in your letter is feedback. Your newsletter can encourage customers to share online reviews or feedback, and you can also share good reviews in your newsletter. Some companies may also use their newsletter to address customer concerns which is a great way to reinforce your credibility.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using newsletters to boost customer engagement. Nevertheless, if you need support developing or implementing your newsletter strategy, the team at 99 Digital is poised to help. Contact us today.