Northern Touch Landscapes Updates

  1. Please remove the “multi-family” section entirely.
  2. Change the picture showing on the “residential” icon.  I’ve attached a photo; it’s the only one I have on file, but this can be updated when I receive others.  Or perhaps you can use of the one others from within the residential tab..?
  3. Under the “concrete” tab, please remove the top 5 photos (they show commercial concrete work that’s been done at the Shipyards).
  4. The word “commercial” needs to be removed from various spots throughout the page.
    1. Within the concrete tab:  top left side bio re: Northern Touch.  Remove ‘commercial’.  Should read:  “…has been providing residential landscape services in the Vancouver…”
    2. Please add the list of services all under “residential concrete services include” and remove the separate section called “commercial services”.
    3. Remove “Commercial” from the page heading.
    4. Within residential tab: remove “commercial”, listed twice.
  5. Remove “Our Team” tab entirely from the top of the site.
  6. From “Services” tab at the top, please remove “commercial landscape installations” link.
  7. On “About Us” page, please remove “commercial” from the first line.
  8. On “About Us” page, the scrolling logosà please remove:  Wesgroup, Wales McLelland, ITC, Orr, Onni, Habourview, Darwin, Cressy, Anthem.

On the Slab Prep website, please adjust the Square feet again- please adjust it to:  13.8 million sq.ft.

Additional Changes:

-Updated logo:  Please find it attached.  Can you please have replace the Northern Touch Landscaping logo with this one wherever there is an existing logo?
-Concrete page, please adjust the opening section to read:  Northern Touch Landscapes (SF) Ltd please.
-Residential page:   Please remove the word “commercial” from the first paragraph.
-Specialization include:  “architecturally specified installations”  rather than architecturally specified commercial installations”
-Anywhere it reads: Northern Touch landscaping Ltd needs to be changed to Northern Touch Landscapes (SF) Ltd.

$150.00 CAD