Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows business owners to efficiently manage communications with leads and clients so they can build stronger and longer lasting relationships.

A CRM represents a centralized and organized software system where you can store all your client data and client communications so that you can improve and expand business relationships. In a nutshell, you can streamline your workflow with a CRM so that you stay connected and build new connections more easily.

A Comprehensive Toolkit

There are many CRM software options available that provide a comprehensive toolkit for managing customer relations throughout their lifecycle. From your marketing and sales strategies to digital commerce and customer service, CRMs can support your business by allowing you to track complex and dynamic client data thereby improving your contact and sales management.

Some of the best CRMs are essentially a one-stop resource for your sales and marketing activities.

  • Capture leads and communicate automatically via social media, email, text message, and phone calls.
  • Collect user data from landing pages, forms, and surveys.
  • Monitor data with customizable analytics.
  • Automatic updates of client data and contacts.
  • Optimized data flow from the CRM to sales and marketing activities.
  • Project management tools like task reminders, milestone tracking.
  • Focused communications for improved return on investment.

Streamline your Workflow with a CRM

Streamline your Workflow with a CRM

The best CRMs are designed to help business owners manage their client information so that you can target your sales and marketing activities more effectively. For example, a CRM will help you to communicate accurately with clients no matter where they are on the sales cycle. A realtor can easily and automatically communicate targeted messages with a new lead or an established customer at the same time to ensure stronger and longer lasting relationships.

An Exceptional CRM

There are many great CRMs and the team at 99 Digital has recently had excellent experiences with HighLevel, an all-in-one platform that provides comprehensive and affordable sales and marketing tools in one place. As you would expect from top-tier CRMs, HighLevel incorporates a full suite of tools:

  • Create websites, sales funnels, and landing pages
  • Integrate surveys and forms to capture leadd
  • Easy online appointment scheduling to capture and manage appointments

More importantly, HighLevel allows you to customize your sales and marketing approach after you have captured the lead.

  • Engage clients with automated and customizable follow-ups
  • Develop multi-media communications and connect with clients by phone, voicemail, SMS, email, and Messenger
  • Communicate with clients across media and devices for optimal responsiveness


Benefits of Using a CRM

Ultimately, your CRM should save you time and money while allowing you to expand your marketing and sales activities. A CRM like HighLevel allows you to integrate lead generation, marketing communications, analytics, and even scheduling so that you can easily track and adapt your marketing and sales strategies. As a central resource for customer data and marketing communications, a CRM allows you to easily see patterns in customer behaviour so you can understand them better and respond to their needs. This means you can tailor messages and analyze your marketing strategy more readily which ultimately translates into a higher return-on-investment. Finally, CRMs like HighLevel are also budget-friendly as information is easier to store, review, update, and use.

Most CRMs allow you a trial period to learn the software and decide if they are right for your business. If you are interested in learning more about CRMs and how they can streamline your workflow and grow your business, contact the team at 99 Digital today.