Lets talk “Call to Action”

Call to actions are important but know when ask and when to shut up.

Any salesman will tell you that timing is everything when making a sale.

Push a customer too soon and you will drive them away.

Wait too long and the moment will pass. Its the same with website call to action.

Most websites tend to ask too early.  We feel that we need to act fast because of how little time users spend on a page.  I you check your Analytics you will find most users stay for 1 – 2 minutes.

When using secondary call to actions, don’t interrupt the visitor in the middle of a task, especially on E-Commerce websites.  Put your secondary Call to Action after the user has completed the sale.

I find it best to put your call to action towards the bottom of the page after the user has found what they were looking for.

Call to Action

The best way to increase conversion is to wait until the customer has completed their own agenda before introducing yours.

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