Consumers don’t differentiate between big business or small business.

The internet is a global level playing ground where all businesses have equal exposure opportunity.  Consumers know what they want when it comes to visiting a website and they don’t differentiate between small business and big business.  If they arrive at your website and don’t get the best experience, they will leave, most likely never to return.  User Experience (UX) has become a crucial part of the web development process.  You need to look at your website from your visitors point of view and ask yourself  “Am I giving the best experience I can?”.

Some of the major turnoffs for visitors are;

  • Outdated contact details
  • No location address, map or directions
  • No business hours displayed
  • Poor mobile interface or not responsive
  • Outdated or poor design
  • Boring stock photography
  • Can’t find information quickly

In a recent survey 60% of respondents said they based their purchase decision on their impression of the business website. It’s your shopfront window to the world so you need to have it looking impressive.

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User Experience

User Experience