No website is better than a bad website!

It has been often said that it’s better to have no website than a bad website.  Pretty harsh, but consider this; 98% of customers have reported that they stop engaging with a brand after a bad experience online.  Websites are supposed to attract customers not drive them away in their droves.

User Experience:

The solution is to think of your customer first.  This is an area where people often get confused and make their websites about them, ignoring their users and not putting themselves in their customers shoes.  It’s called User Experience or UX and it is how we interact with the users of the website.  If your UX is bad and leaves your visitors feeling lost or confused then they will abandon your website and head for your opposition. In the olden days we used to have Splash pages with fancy Flash introductions that would give the visitors a little show before they entered the website.  Those days are long gone and people want to find information quickly and easily as we are all time poor now and don’t have time to go searching for information that should be readily available.

Use your Mission Statement:

Every business should have a Mission Statement that outlines the company’s core values and reason for being.  Use this statement to develop a message to use on your website and be very clear about it.  This will get your customers to believe in what you believe in.  People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it, and so you need to show them your passion and your belief.


Bad Website

Mobile First:

Change your perspective and design for Mobile First as nearly 60% of searches are done on a mobile device and that number is only going to increase over time.  If your website is not yet mobile friendly then you are leaving a lot of money on the table because you are ignoring the majority of users from accessing your website easily.  Look at your mobile website and see how easy it is to find your phone number, your business address or map, and your contact us page.

UX is more than Design:

Although design is very important to your users experience it goes way deeper than that.  You need to consider your communication with your customers:

  • How do you make sales calls, how do you communicate in general with your customers. Is it via email, phone or social media?
  • What is your strategy for customer support?
  • How’s your website navigation worded and laid out
  • and much more.

Online Marketing Strategy:

Develop an online marketing strategy that is written down so you can refer to in now and in the future. You need to build a road map to plan your website and understand where and when to spend your money and time.

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