Boost your SEO with a Blog.

Your blog can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Unleashing the potential of a blog can not only improve your SEO, but can also help you to reach and engage your target audience better. Alas, many websites fail to capitalize on the SEO potential of blogs, and so, the 99 Digital Team has put together some tips to help you get the most of your blog for better SEO.

What’s In a Name?

Shakespeare would have us believe that ‘a rose by any other name still smells as sweet;’ but when it comes to naming your blog, you should integrate your SEO strategy. A compelling name for your blog alludes to the theme of your blog as well as your company’s industry, products, and/or services. You want to use your SEO keywords in your blog, and ideally in your blog’s title. A carefully named blog will attract visitors organically. Even beyond the name, you can incorporate SEO into your blog’s page title and within the content of the blog.

More than Blog Names

Even your URL structure needs to feature a naming convention that supports analytics while also allowing users to easily navigate to your blog. One tip is to reference your blog in your URL structure, but also consider how to make your URLs simple and easy to read. Avoid conjunctions, implement SEO keywords if possible, and always consider the user experience in your URL structure.

Boost your SEO with a Blog

Boost your SEO with a Blog

Revise and Refine your Blog Content

Adding new content to your site is an important part of SEO and this includes creating regular blogs that provide your visitors valuable information while also supporting your SEO efforts. However, you don’t always need to incorporate entirely new content; you can also revise and refine the content that already exists. For example, internal links, optimized images, links between your blogs, and SEO keywords in your title tags and meta descriptions will allow you to unleash the SEO power of your blog.

Blogs are Filler

If your SEO strategy has identified some gaps in your content, your blog can fill that gap. High value keywords can improve your SEO ranking, but it isn’t always easy to incorporate these keywords into your website’s content. This is where your blog can help – you can use these keywords to create content for your blog while also improving your SEO.

Manage your Multimedia

Visitors want to be engaged with your website and multimedia such as images and videos can create a more vibrant user experience. An additional benefit is that images and videos on your blog can utilize SEO in their descriptive alt tags. Consider videos that describe your product or service or that provide a visual to supplement your blog. Integrate your high value keywords and your SEO gets a boost too.

Share and Share Alike

When your blog gets shared on social media, this also boosts your SEO as today’s search engine algorithms utilize social media data for ranking. Plus, sharing blogs on your social media keeps these pages up-to-date while promoting customer engagement.

As you can see, blogs are much more than a place to share information with your website traffic. Indeed, they provide a wide range of opportunities to boost your SEO while also engaging your audience and improving your reach.

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