99digital Emails

Setting up your 99digital emails

Email Settings for IMAP:

Incoming Mailserver : akf11.kiswebservice.com

Port: 993

Requires SSL

Outgoing Mailserver: akf11.kiswebservice.com

Port: 465

Requires SSL

Username is the full email address:
Password as Provided.:


It is good practice to disconnect from the internet and set up the emails first.  Then connect to the internet and test the accounts.

Sometimes you can get blocked by our server during the set up process.  This is caused by your computer / device attempting to connect with the server with the incorrect credentials.  Our server is programed to block any hacking attempt.  If this happens please follow this procedure.

Provide the IP address of the device you are having issues accessing your email account. Use this site to see your current IP address: http://checkip.dyndns.org/ or this one: http://www.ip2location.com/ (your IP will appear in the search box on the site’s home page)

Copy and paste the IP address and report it to us so we can un-block it from our firewall.

Setting Up Emails.

Setting up Emails in Windows 10

Setting up Emails on a Mac

Setting up Emails on IPhone
(make sure you have the password entered in the outgoing mail server details as well. It says “Optional” but its not)

Setting up Emails on Android

You can access the emails via Webmail from anywhere by login in at this address and entering in your username and password.  https://akf11.kiswebservice.com:2096/