Why Google Reviews Matter​​.

What are the benefits of Google reviews for your business? When it comes to online marketing, it is arguable that few tools pack as much punch as Google reviews. First of all, they cost nothing while also lending credibility to your business and boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses large and small covet Google reviews as a kind of new age word-of-mouth advertising. When potential customers are searching for a product or service, they often rely on Google reviews to learn more about the quality of that business or service. But these reviews offer so much more! Let’s learn more about Google reviews and why they matter.

What are Google Reviews?

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know that Google reviews are an online resource for customers to share their feedback and experience with a local business. Any company that has a Google My Business account can receive Google reviews. Consumers increasingly rely on Google reviews to rate the quality of a business or service – in a nutshell, good reviews can make the difference between converting a lead and not. And there are other benefits to Google reviews.

Establish Trust in your Brand

Consumers don’t want to rely on flashing marketing to evaluate a product or service. The more transparency you offer as a business, the more likely potential customers will be to trust your brand. Google reviews offer ultimate transparency since they are provided by your current customers. Nearly three quarters of consumers report that positive online reviews contribute to how much they trust a particular business and their products and services. As one of the most readily available and easily accessed online review portals, Google reviews can be a very powerful tool in developing brand trust.

Google Reviews Matter

Improved SEO for Better Visibility

Google reviews are incredibly important for search engine ranking for local searches. In particular, the quantity and diversity of your reviews can have a huge impact on your SEO. The higher you rank on search engine results pages, the more visible your business will be. Indeed, the primary goal of online marketing is to boost your search engine ranking which makes Google reviews an important marketing strategy. Moreover, the nature of Google reviews means they can help improve visibility even for mom and pop shops – you don’t need to be a powerful, well-resourced corporation to harness Google reviews for improved marketing performance.

Access to Feedback

Google reviews also help you to understand your current and potential customers better. By collecting and tracking information in Google reviews, you can adapt your business operations or even features of your product or service to serve your customers better. Google reviews also help your business understand what you’re doing right which can help you better understand your competitive edge. Finally, the feedback received through Google reviews allows you to engage with your customer directly. Negative reviews can and should receive a response so that customers know that you care and you’re taking efforts to improve your service.

Increase Traffic and Conversion Rates

Perhaps most importantly, Google reviews can have a significant impact on the amount of traffic that comes to your site. Generally positive reviews can increase the click-through rate to your website. In addition, positive reviews are associated with higher conversion rates. Considering there is no cost associated with getting Google reviews, the return on investment is hard to beat.

As you can see, there are many benefits to Google reviews for your business. Not only do they help you build customer relationships and establish trust and credibility for your brand, they can be a potent marketing tool that can propel the success of your business.

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