Understanding Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Social media marketing provides large and small businesses alike a powerful medium to reach prospective customers locally and around the world. Consider the fact that Facebook has nearly 3 billion users as of 2022 and Instagram is projected to have more than 1 billion users by year end, and you can start to see the benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads. Still, with so many users and such a wide reach, unlocking these benefits can be challenging for even the savviest entrepreneur. Let’s take a closer look at social media marketing so you can gain a better understanding of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s take a step back and define social media marketing with the knowledge that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most powerful social media platforms in the world today. Social media marketing starts with well-designed social media accounts that reflect your company’s brand, mission, and core values. Not only do your Facebook and Instagram accounts need to exist, but these profiles must be carefully curated to represent your business. Optimized profiles feature pictures, videos, stories, and blogs that speak to your target audience. More than that, they allow you to engage with that audience by through comments, shares, and likes.

In addition to your social media profiles, social media marketing involves advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There are many benefits to advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Carefully structured ads that attract users to your website can have a significant impact on your company’s success.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Ads

Remember, there are few social media platforms that offer the reach of Facebook and Instagram. Recent research suggests that approximately 20% of the time that all mobile users spend on the internet is spent on Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, Facebook and Instagram go hand-in-hand. Cross-platform posting can significantly improve your return-on-investment by reducing cost per conversion and cost per action rates.

Ease of Ad Management

Facebook and Instagram ads can both be managed through the Facebook Ads Manager. Having one location to manage your ads makes it easier to target your audience and your ad placements. Your overall ad campaign can easily be adjusted and updated depending on your needs. As you analyze your marketing goals and impact, your Facebook and Instagram ads can be tweaked essentially in real time but also so that they consistently reflect your marketing goals and your brand.

Targeted Demographics

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can also help you to target different demographics. Facebook users span a wide demographic range. On the other hand, Instagram tends to represent a younger demographic. Depending on your business and marketing goals, you may find that advertising on one
platform or the other makes more sense for your business.

Diverse Content

Finally, by advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you have unparalleled ability to display diverse content for improved audience engagement. Facebook and Instagram allow for multiple ad types including scrollable images and videos, single media ads, and links to existing posts. The main difference between Facebook and Instagram ads comes to your call-to-action. Whereas Facebook ads allow for in0caption links that are clickable, Instagram ads do not. Additionally, as you may expect from Instagram, the ads tend to be more visual – yet, we’re seeing this trend in Facebook ads more recently as well.

Perhaps the most important take-home message is that advertising on Facebook and Instagram gives you a lot of power to reach a wider audience with highly targeted ads that can be easily adjusted to meet your goals. Working with a professional marketing team such as 99 Digital will help you harness that power to get the best possible return on your advertising investment.